Miami-Dade teacher under investigation for bullying

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As a Florida parent, you should expect your child’s teachers to set an example of good behavior to their students. Since schools have a large potential to house numerous bullying cases, it is important to promote a toxic-free environment. Failure to do so can have serious ramifications on your child’s academic and emotional state.

According to a report from June 29, a student of the Miami-Dade County Public School District experienced those consequences. A teacher working there faces accusations of belittling and bullying a 5 year-old boy in her classroom.

When the boy’s mother took notice of her son’s emotional distress about school, she placed a recording device in his backpack and later listened to the teacher berate her son. The teacher called the boy “a loser” and told him that she felt sorry for his mother among other insults in front of the class.

The mother voiced her concerns to the school. The school took no action. To prevent any future incidents, she hired an attorney to have the teacher removed. Her son changed classes and improved emotionally and academically since. As the investigation is still active, the teacher has yet to face punishment. She has had no prior accusations in more than 30 years of teaching at the school.

Florida statutes state that any form of bullying and harassment is strictly prohibited. This includes teasing, intimidation, and public humiliation as it negatively impacts a student’s educational performance and disrupts a school’s orderly operation. Any teacher convicted of this could face different punishments such as job suspension or termination.

While the case is not settled yet, it serves as a reminder on not only how teachers impact their students’ lives, but also how parents can take action if the teacher directly inflicts emotional distress on their children.