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  1. Vanessa A Taylor
    April 16, 2020 @ 1:11 am

    I have been fighting a case with Miami-Dade County Public Schools since October 31, 2019. A student, while accompanied with his father, went to the office and told my principal about five lies of what I said to him. The incident never took place in my classroom and prior to the COVID 19 situation I was getting ready for a conference for the record. I am a Black American woman and the student told my principal and the investigators that I attacked his ethnicity, nationality, the color of his skin, and even his socioeconomic status. The students also managed to coerce several students to make the same statements to the investigators. The incident never happened, yet I was embarrassed over and over again when the office staff would call the students to the office to give them the letters from the investigators seeking their parents’ permission to be witnesses. The students would open the letters and show all of the other teachers and students. The case was investigated by the Civil Rights division of the school district and in early February, there was no probable cause. The case wasn’t over yet. It was decided that I did say those racists things to the child and the case was now in the hands of the Office of Professional Standards. The child said I called him racist names for a group of people that he isn’t biologically a part of. My principal also failed to follow protocol and alert me of the allegations. She was supposed to speak to me and she never did. The situation ballooned out of control for an incident that never happened. This is a 7th grade student at a school that just added middle school two years ago. I would like to take legal action because now I am too embarrassed to apply for other jobs.


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