Attorney Steve Rossi can represent you on all State and Federal Crimes

    Here are some examples that Attorney Steve Rossi can represent you on:

    • Drug offenses
    • International cases
    • Domestic violence
    • Sexual offenses
    • Robbery
    • White collar crime
    • Conspiracy
    • Juvenile crimes
    • Firearm cases
    • School cases involving crimes
    • DUI
    • Restraining orders
    • Violations of probation
    • Crimes involving theft
    • Crimes involving violence
    • International Criminal and extradition issues

    Steve Rossi accepts cases at every level, from municipal, city and county ordinance violations to state and federal misdemeanor and felony charges.

    A Criminal charge can impact you now and in the future

    A conviction on your record, no matter how small, can have a severe impact on the rest of your life. It may appear at any time that a background check is run and you may have to declare it on applications for employment, loans, housing and school, which may prevent you from obtaining any of these things. You need a strong criminal defense from an experienced lawyer to help prevent this from happening.

    Steve Rossi is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, former FBI agent and former Prosecutor. He has been practicing law for more than 30 years. He has been previously selected for inclusion in the Florida Super Lawyers. He has experience in Federal and State criminal and State cases. He will use his experience to fight for your rights and aggressively defend your case.


    5 star review  Hi my name is Veronica Tomor and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Rossi and his firm. If you’re seeking a top notch attorney that has ethics, compassion, integrity and has years’ of experience in his scope of practice, you’re in the right place. I have nothing but highest regard for this firm. Hardly any attorneys practice in this field and really care about their clients like they do. Highly recommend.

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    5 star review  “Mr. Rossi is our Angel”. I consulted Mr. Steve Rossi for my Wife's case who is studying at Nova Southeastern University. My wife was facing discrimination at her college and we were helpless on what should be our next steps. We were in so much distress and had lost all hope and were about to give up on our future. We discussed the case with Mr. Rossi and would like to say how grateful we are that we reached out to Mr. Rossi. Not only he listened to all our problems but also motivated us to not give up and fight for our rights. He listens to our concerns thoroughly and patiently and suggests the next course of action. He is very professional, comprehensive and very knowledgeable in matters related to Education. Mr. Rossi’s knowledge and guidance in education law far exceeded our expectations. We are blessed to have him as our attorney. We feel safe knowing Mr. Rossi is representing our case. We are in a far better situation right now. All thanks to Mr. Rossi and team. He and his staff are very professional, responsive and sympathetic. They give personalized attention to their clients. I would highly recommend Mr. Rossi for consulting any education related legal matters.

    thumb Ranjit G

    5 star review  I feel safe thanks to this Attorneys office!! The assistants are on top of everything! Even though Steve Rossi is a criminal Attorney and Also has school cases all over the state of Florida on a daily basis. He helped me out on my family case. Thanks to Attorney Steve Rossi he won our case!!! He is very very professional and courteous. He was easy to talk with and he understood automatically and knew exactly what to do. I am proud and I am blessed to have had him represent me. I would recommend him to anybody, having any kind of legal matter!!

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    5 star review  I was going through a hard time when a technical school insisted on convincing my son that going online was the best option when learning how to work an audio console. Mr. Rossi called me himself and understood exactly where I was coming from. A special thanks to Gabriela Villarino, who spoke to me in Spanish. She made sure I understood the process perfectly. Gabriela was very patient and most importantly, very caring throughout all of our conversations. I also had the opportunity to speak to other assistants and they all worked in a superb manner. I’m very thankful we won. We got exactly what we wanted. Steve and Gabriela are the people you want to battle for you!

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    5 star review  I had trouble find someone who could help me get medically cleared from Florida to get a drivers license. I am now in North Carolina so I was never able to meet with them in the office but they were always quick to respond to my emails or phone calls. Ella was extremely helpful getting in touch with the review board! I couldn’t have done it alone atleast not in the time frame that it did happen! I haven’t had a car in 10years y’all don’t understand what this means to me! I’m very grateful Sincerely, Kaitlyn Barclay

    thumb kaitlyn Barclay

    Attorney for over 30 years

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    Attorney Rossi has dealt with various judges and prosecutors throughout the State of Florida. He will put his knowledge of the criminal justice system and of the law to work for you as he defends your freedom.

    Steve Rossi and his team of paralegals, private investigators and other colleagues will review the evidence against you and conduct a full investigation of your case. Whenever possible, they will look for ways to bring your case to the best possible conclusion without going to trial, including suppression of evidence and alternative sentencing programs.

    If you need to go trial, Attorney Steve Rossi is a Florida Bar Specialist in Criminal Trial Law.

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